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Branding & Strategy
Strategy & Communication Design

Strategic design and design thinking form the foundation of our creative approach. We have won numerous awards in all areas of communication and have developed an innovative and tested method. For the past 15 years, we have worked with clients worldwide to develop complete communication systems. It all starts from the initial discussion with the founder and-or investors. Starting from careful listening and deep creative input, our clients and we begin to form the strategic idea. We then start developing the strategy, market approach, and positioning of the brand and the family of products. Once we have completed this valid strategy, we begin the creative work of designing the brand, the communication, and the physical and digital collateral that aligns and supports the client's needs.

Furniture Design

One of the most exciting challenges is to design a chair, part of this is that chairs accompany our lives and provide us with the opportunity to relax, dine, work, and simply have a place to dream. We are keenly aware of these challenges and opportunities when we begin a furniture project. Furniture should never be simply decoration but also add something to the environment in which it lives, providing comfort, storage, and creation of harmony and balance. Our design approach is to use only the correct and finest materials, creating objects that function and are also durable, sustainable, and of solid value.

Furniture Design
Product Design
Lighting Design

Thomas and his creative team and collaborators search to design unique and innovative lighting solutions for brands worldwide. With our network of high quality producing partners we are able to offer a wide range. We strive to work artfully with form and light, crafting minimal designs using traditional, fine materials into lights that artfully transform any environment.​

Our Partner and North American representative Ron Gawith has many of hands-on experience representing the best in modern Italian and International design. He has unique expertise in designing furniture and lighting with a keen North American and European market understanding.


Our focus is in combining attention to detail, and refined materials with forward-thinking, minimal, and modern international design.

Lighting projects are one of the most refined forms of design. When we design a lighting fixture or collection, it is more than simply creating an exciting form. In creating a successful lighting collection, we dive deep into the design, understanding the quality of light intensity and color. Most importantly, we strive to create an emotional connection to the use. Whether we are developing a collection or creating a unique lighting installation that expresses the architecture of a space, we are simply responding to the idea that well-executed lighting does more than illuminate a room. It can also create an emotional connection and profoundly enhance the experience of an architectural space.

Product Design

We always find product design a significant challenge. Developing products today are full of rewards and challenges. It is no longer valid to simply create something beautiful we strive to design products that are solid and innovative expressions of the collaboration between the studio and our clients. In addition, we need to focus on the correct, lasting, and sustainable materials, simplicity, and usability. If we answer all of these substantial challenges, we then "earn the right" to create a beautiful solution. We know that it is essential to listen carefully, have patience and keep the design clear and concise, adhering to a focused vision at every step of the design process.

Lighting Design
Sander Collection

Stacking chair and barstool created by Analog-Lab is available in Walnut, White Oak and Beech.

Inside Out Cabinet

Cabinet series created by Analog-Lab in collaboration with Sergio Mannino and launched at Wanted Design NY, and ICFF, New York City.